Do I Need a Digital Partner?: A Guide to In-housing

Supporting your business only where and when necessary.

Whilst we have a framework, specifics are ironed out during that onboarding phase. Our philosophy of in-housing is that no client requires the same support and there’s a spectrum of different areas. 

There are some categories that should sit firmly with your brand:

Product development, brand ownership, direct ownership, and data strategy should always remain with your company. However, Brainlabs can step in to scale efficiency in other areas of your business.

How do we begin answering those questions?

Every plan we create is tailored to your business but a typical plan may look like this.

We tend to follow this framework: Onboarding, owning to drive and set up best practices, team design, strategic partners.

We will work with you to establish what you should take in-house and how long it will take to get there.