Be in control of your Programmatic Stack: 5 Reasons to Choose Google Marketing Platform

Exclusive, proprietary Google audience segments included at no cost

Reach audiences based on a detailed picture of their lifestyles, interests and needs. With over 100 free segments available, you can hone in on your perfect customer while taking advantage of the breadth and scale of Display & Video 360. Google derives audience data from collections of users’ online interactions, making reaching a wide variety of relevant users as simple as choosing a product or lifestyle interest and optionally overlaying demographics – all available to use free of charge with your platform access.

Complimentary safeguards for viewability, brand safety & verification

Best-in-class fraud protection and pre-bid blocking leverages Google and technology is used to automatically, detect, filter, and remove fraudulent clicks and impressions, bot/invalid traffic, hidden ads, misrepresented inventory, and ad injections. Automatically exclude inventory from unauthorized resellers (ads.txt), apply additional filters for brand safety, keywords, and content at a line item level, and leverage MRC accredited ActiveView metrics for viewability and verification – all at no extra charge.

Access to exclusive Google inventory

Scale and reach your audience across the entire purchase funnel across a varied type of exclusive Google-owned and -operated properties that can only be purchased via Display & Video 360, including YouTube, Google Play Music, Waze, and more

Tagless cross-device tracking, measurement & targeting

74% of marketers prioritize the ability to match customers across-devices, but only 14% feel they have the capability to do so. From targeting to optimization and measurement, DV360’s cross-device solution provides a more accurate, refined view of your customers to help you maximize media investment across desktop, smartphone, and tablet. Google’s deterministic approach anonymously observes conversions from a vast signed-in user base across Google properties (such as YouTube, Gmail, Search, Android, Maps, etc.) with a 95% confidence interval.across devices

Centralized campaign management

Plan and optimize all your digital media programs in one place and achieve efficiency at scale with one ad tag. The integrated DV 360 platform provides access to all media activities and the ability to sync and unify data across channels – including search-to-display, video, programmatic guaranteed and behavioral remarketing – for reduced data-loss and data across campaigns that is always in sync. Shared creative library, remarketing and conversion pixels, consolidated billing and report generation results in significant time savings that enables you to reinvest valuable time into strategic work to further improve campaign effectiveness.