Ad Extensions Reporter Script

Ad extensions are great… when they’re used effectively. Have you ever taken a look at all the extensions you’re using in your Google Ads account and made sure nothing’s out of date?

If not, it might be time for a little extension spring cleaning. This script will help automate the task for you!

What’s included?

How does the script work?

All PPC account managers use extensions, but few check in on all of them. They might not realise that some of their extensions contain incorrect or out of date information, because it’s a hassle to check them all individually.

This script outputs all the ad extensions in an account to a Google Sheet, so you can check if everything is in order in one go.

It creates a separate tab for each type of extension (e.g. Sitelink or Promotion) in the account, with each different extension run detailed in a different row that shows whether there have been any disapprovals. It also creates a tab called ‘All Extensions’, which gives the overall count of ‘feed items’ to which extensions of each type are applied.

Screenshot of Promotion extension output of script in spreadsheet

How do I use it?

First, open your Google Ads account, create a new script, and copy and paste the code below.

There’s one variable you have to manually edit, as it points the script to the spreadsheet it will output to. Create a blank Google spreadsheet and copy its URL, then enter that URL in the spreadsheetUrl variable of the code.

The next variable is optional. 

The default setting for this script is to include extension that have not received any impressions the day you run it. If you’re looking to do a thorough spring cleaning and see ALL your extensions, we recommend leaving the includeExtensionsWithZeroImpressions as true.

However, if you run a large account with a lot of extensions, the script might be too slow. In that case, you can change the includeExtensionsWithZeroImpressions variable to false.

The Ad Extensions Reporter Script code