How Likely Is It That A Robot Will Take Over Your Job Right Here In London?

Next time you head to a meeting in London, you might be greeted by a robot rather than a human.

Just walk into the Old Street offices of media agency Brainlabs today and Pepper, London’s first robot receptionist, will be there at the front door. The company’s new receptionist has been in ‘employment’ since July last year, performing basic reception tasks such as welcoming visitors, updating other staff on arrivals and making tea and coffee.

Pepper’s employer isn’t the only company in London to be automating jobs that were previously done by people: Supermarket self-service tills are the obvious ones, but fast-food chains and cinemas are at it too. Almost a third of London’s jobs have high potential for automation over the next 20 years, according to new analysis. So is Pepper, the robot receptionist, a taste of what is to come? Yes and no.

Read the full article in Londonist.

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