The 24 hour bidding schedule for AdWords

We’ve written an AdWords script to let you bid 24 times a day, 7 days a week

We often find that ROI and conversion rates are extremely variable at different times of the day and on different days of the week. However the standard Google Ad Scheduling only allows for six bidding windows in one day – not nearly enough if you’re as data-driven as we are.

Therefore we built a custom ad scheduling tool that changes bids every hour of every day – that’s four times more responsive that Adwords, Marin and Kenshoo. This ensures that we’re bidding more aggressively at optimal times and maximising the efficiency of our accounts.

If you’ve not run a script before please read our Introduction to AdWords Scripts. For more open-source fun check out our AdWords Scripts directory. And if you want to use some of our technology that’s arrived back from the future then sign up for one of our paid plans on the Brainlabs Tech Stack.

Before running it, you first need to make sure you’ve got the correct settings. There are a few things to configure:

(1) The bid multipliers run from a Google spreadsheet and the URL needs to be inserted into the code as spreadsheetUrl. We suggest you copy our template sheet and set your bids up in it. The doc should look something like this:

In cells B2 to H25, input the bid multipliers: a 0% bid multiplier doesn’t change any bids, and a 25%/-25% bid multiplier increases/decreases bids by 25%. -100%, or a blank cell, mean the ads will be turned off.

If you want to use mobile multipliers as well, they go in the second sheet of the same spreadsheet.

(2) You need to set the variable shoppingCampaigns to true if you want to use it on shopping campaigns, or to false to use it on Search or Display campaigns.

(3) Set runMobileBids to true if you want to change your mobile bid adjustments every hour, or set it to false if you only want to change the ad schedules.

(4) If you only want to use these multipliers on some campaigns, use excludeCampaignNameContains and includeCampaignNameContains to say what should or shouldn’t be in the campaign names.

You then need to set up a schedule so the script runs hourly. The script doesn’t set all schedules up in advance, because AdWords won’t allow enough bidding windows – instead it will continually update the ad schedules, so the next few hours are always filled in. Any times after more than a few hours away will be filled with a 0% modifier, as a safety feature.

And now all that’s left to do is sit back and see overall conversion rates rocket!

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