Oxonians, we are back

Oxonians, we are back

A couple of weeks ago we returned to our familiar abodes of Merton, New, and Wadham. After catching up with some old friends, we set up camp outside the Rad Cam to help students escape the stress of finals by offering an avenue of relaxation via virtual reality headsets and free ice cream. Despite the windy weather, we had a wonderful time!

We are back this Friday scouting for brilliant minds to join our graduate scheme in September.

 In the meantime, all you need to know is that we value intelligence, diligence and fun. We are hopelessly devoted to Settlers of Catan, Mario Kart and yoga; a triumvirate that reflects our dedication to the well being of our employees and their right to childish abandon. And it is safe to say that you will find few cufflinks on display at the office unless a client is particularly well dressed.

To ease the transition from the warrens of your college libraries to the vibrant world of advertising, please be assured that at Brainlabs you will find a generous extension of university benefits including complimentary breakfast and lunch, flexible working hours, and an unlimited number of holidays.

Should you wish to apply to our brainbox graduate scheme, please post an interesting photo to facebook.com/BrainlabsDigital featuring yourself with our logo and we’ll invite you
to an interview. For the 27.4% of you who prefer not to send a photo, you may send an eccentric email to tortoise@brainlabsdigital.com.



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