#escapethebod Event Debrief

#escapethebod Event Debrief

We made it.

Thanks to everyone who came down to see us, we hope you’re feeling slightly more relaxed and that we helped you #escapethebod for at least a little while. It felt good to back strolling the very streets many of us at Brainlabs used to know so well.

Despite the British weather doing its best to blow us around Radcliffe Square, we had a really quite enjoyable day and are ITCHING to get back to do it again. The canopy held up until around 5pm (did anyone see it blow away? Terrifying at the time, but amusing in hindsight knowing that a) it was being manned by two of the smallest Brainlabs employees and b) no one was on their way to an exam, subfusc-ed to the nines, only for a flying blue strawberry stand to collide with them, or, perhaps, to answer a prayer from the night before) and the food seemed to go down well. We got through 83 punnets of strawberries, around 6 Samsung batteries, 198 tubs of ice cream and 200 cupcakes. They were all delicious (especially the batteries) and we’d like to thank all the lovely people that supplied us with them.

To those of you we spoke to, we hope the world of PPC didn’t sound too drab, it’s actually rather good once you start understanding the possibilities that those huge amounts of data can offer. Get in touch/tweet us/follow us/like us on Facebook to follow our journey.

Anyway. Onto the next. Tandem ice cream bike at the ready, canopy nailed to the ground, strawberries on standby, cupcakes raring to go.

We’ll be back, Oxford.




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