Brainlabs & ETAs — feat. the Brainlabs ETA tool

Brainlabs & ETAs — feat. the Brainlabs ETA tool

It has now been nearly two months since expanded text ads (ETAs) hit the PPC scene and, as usual, we’ve been testing like mad. It’s still early and there’s plenty still to learn but we’re starting to get it all worked out. And then get it all bulk uploaded…

So remind me — what’s the deal?

Essentially, search ad space has doubled with the new ETAs. A headline that was once only 25 characters is now two headlines of 30 each; description lines have increased from two sets of 35 characters to one of 80. Both are changes which significantly increase the space taken up on the page.

ETAs Explainer

How will I know what it’s all going to look like?

One of our top Brainboxes has developed a tool to let you know exactly how your new ETAs are going to look. Either click here or play about on the tool below. This was inspired by the original tool to mock up ads which can be found here.


Old ad example

New Ad example

What about your results?

Searchers have been pretty click-happy with the new ads. Click-through rates have improved… by around 50% across the board. Pretty phenomenal stuff, right? And current thinking is that this improvement is self-perpetuating: as CTR improves so does quality score. Quality score improving means ad rank improves which means CTR improves. All great stuff.

And what’s next?
More testing, testing, testing. We need to start segmenting the data further and work on how these new figures change by device. Plus, with standard ads being phased out this autumn, we have a whole lot of new ad copy to create and upload…

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