Brainlabs comes to Oxford… to help students #escapethebod

Brainlabs comes to Oxford… to help students #escapethebod

June 1st
Addressing all stressed Oxford students.
Hope has arrived.
While we can’t promise that we’ll make or break your final year grade, we can promise to supply Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headsets to help you getaway from it all while you plonk yourself down on a deck chair and eat some free, yes, FREE Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. What’s not to like? Nothing, that’s what. There’s literally nothing not to like. Don’t like that? Have some cupcakes or strawberries and cream, because we have that, too. We have several Oxonians in our midst who have seen all the joys and horrors that accompany finals. With that in mind, we want to come to the rescue. We’re not doing this to get you to sign up to anything. Just to spread the Brainlabs word and hopefully find some incredibly smart young people that want to join the greatest company in the world…ever. We’re growing very quickly- hiring 10 new grads in September – which is pretty fast, given that we numbered 8 in July last year.
To get your grubby mits on some treats, tweet @brainlabs to get our attention. Then head over to us at Radcliffe Square to get away from exams, just for a little while.

We can’t wait to meet more of the best and brightest minds. And, possibly, to eat some leftover ice cream. But mainly the first point.

See you on Monday.

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