‘We’ve got you now’… How we ran a programmatic ad campaign that actually worked.

‘We’ve got you now’… How we ran a programmatic ad campaign that actually worked.

'We've got you now'... How we ran a programmatic ad campaign that actually worked.

Most retargeting and prospecting ads are pretty boring. As the saying goes:

“No-one clicks on Display ads.”

– Loads of people, all the time

So we thought we’d try to do something a bit more engaging. That’s when #retargetingworks was born.

We started by showing prospects and previous site visitors ads like the following:




If they clicked on the ad, we’d then show them a page like the one below, where we asked them to vote on whether they Liked or Hated the ads:



Based on this choice we added them to different audience lists and started showing these ads to those who ‘Liked’:

And these to those who clicked ‘Hate’:




After clicking on either of these ads, we brought them to a final page, where we promised never to show them ads again… Or did we?

If you like diagrams, it looked something like this:



And if you like a great video, check this out in HD:


Now, for some data. How did it perform?

Over the 45 days the campaign was active, our video activity generated 3,000 views as well as a reach of 4,500 on Facebook with an action rate of 19%. Through our AdWords activity, we amassed over 6,000,000 impressions.

The initial ‘We’ve Got You Now’ YouTube pre-roll ad saw an average view time of 48 seconds. Given that the video was 54 seconds long and ended with a call to action lasting 10 seconds, that’s pretty good going.

Hate Video produced an average view time of 52 seconds and around 40% of total viewers saw this ad.

Like Video produced an average view time of 46 seconds with around 60% of viewers choosing to ‘Like’ the ads.

People on the other end of our campaigns responded brilliantly and took to Twitter to let us know. Here are some choice bits of feedback #retargetingworks received that we found particularly kind or amusing.

Most people were very receptive to our rather forthright approach, including Alex Tait, Media Director at Unilever, who thought this:

We’re now his biggest fans.

There were some who, basically, didn’t really get it. Henry Eccles, for instance, offered us some sage marketing advice:

Thanks Henry. Cool acronym! We’ll make sure to send you more ads.

Finally, Sean Malseed hit the nail on the head:

We won’t shovel any more #retargetingworks at you. Not in this blog, at least.

But the ads are still out there.

And they will never stop hunting you…


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