Domino’s Case Study | Time-of-day Bidding

Case Study | Time-of-day Bidding

Domino's Pizza

Time-of-day Bidding : 

increases conversion rate by


The brief

Domino’s conversions are almost entirely time-dependent, and particular times of day are absolutely crucial. For instance, fewer people are buying pizza at 8am on a Monday, but a larger number might be buying pizza at 7pm on Friday. Even during peak time there could be a significant difference in conversion rate between consecutive hours. Domino’s needed a way to tap into these sensitive changes with an understanding of these time differences.

The solution

We built a custom ad scheduling tool that can change bids 24 times per day. This tool is four times more responsive than the ad scheduling function built into AdWords, and allows us to adjust bids on an hourly basis, meaning we are bidding at an optimum level all the time.


The result

Integrating our Time-of-day bidding technology into Domino’s online advertising strategy allowed us to further optimise campaigns and more accurately target Domino’s consumers for the highest possible conversion rate. Whenever someone fancied a pizza, we made sure we were there to serve it up.

  • Conversion rate increased by 11%