In-House Teams

We work with the world’s leading in-house digital media teams to help them do the stuff that isn’t so easy to do by themselves. Our services break down into three pillars.

Technology Stack

Our technology stack helps teams automate at scale by cutting manual tasks and freeing up time for strategy.

Strategy Consultancy

We work as a strategy consultancy to supercharge teams with the latest best practice and thought leadership.

Interim Management

We support agency severance through interim execution and provide ad-hoc account management support on-hand.

Our clients mix and match services from our three offerings to fit their unique requirements. In other words, you could call this “giving clients what they need”—it’s a brand new old-fashioned business model.

Our technology stack

Being both an agency and technology provider isn’t an identity crisis — we see this as a model for advertisers of the future. The agile process behind our software development gives us distinct advantages over traditional technology providers.

We know that no two businesses are alike and can add custom elements to our technology that respond to different teams’ specific needs, whether that’s the selection of tools, the timeline for partnership, or specific integrations. As the tools have been designed to work across our entire client base, they are flexible enough to adapt to any configuration and layer seamlessly with other third-party technology.

Our software goes beyond the usual bidding and reporting suites and covers all of the key areas of paid media optimization and management.


No one likes repeating themselves. And no one likes repeating themselves. That’s why we built a suite of tools that will sync your marketing campaigns in a number of different ways: from Google Ads to Bing so that you never have to manually import campaigns ever again; from your CRM records to your Customer Match audiences in Google or your custom audiences in Facebook.


If you’re managing multiple accounts then simple tasks like keeping on top of negative keywords or pausing all campaigns can become tedious and long-winded. We’ve automated those and a handful of other common processes that become difficult at scale.


Our campaign builders can incorporate millions of keywords and ads into the right campaign structures in a matter of minutes — and even upload them directly into AdWords and Bing Ads via their APIs. With hierarchical rules and flexibility to customize to your unique structure, these tools will cut in half the time it takes you to build and traffic new campaigns.


If you’re in the retail industry then you may have suffered at the hands of some of the inflexibilty of the Google Ads and Bing Ads systems when it comes to feed-based campaigns. Our technology helps you split out campaigns to individual SKU level and funnel queries into different campaigns to give you back some control over where you appear.


When was the last time you ran a test in Google Ads or Bing Ads? We keep a record of all your tests, as well as opening up opportunities to test things that you may never have tested before: campaign structures, location multipliers, bid management tools, and more!


We are not a third-party bid management tool — our tech is way more interesting than that. In fact, our bidding tools are mostly designed to work on top of third-party tools like DoubleClick, Marin, and Kenshoo. We do the things that those tools don’t do very well.


Everyone makes mistakes. We should know, we do it all the time! Spotting anomalies and errors quickly is what it’s all about and that’s what our monitoring package does — like a third eye for your marketing campaigns. We check for common grammatical errors in ads, incorrect match types, and more to make sure your accounts are in tip-top shape.


Nobody likes Monday morning reporting. So we’ve automated all kinds of reports from all kinds of sources. All our reports are live dashboards and include nifty tools such as hourly budget tracking, which shows you if you are on course to spend your daily/weekly budgets.


When managing multiple accounts it can be challenging to make sure they are all following best practice. Our analyzing package offers a bird’s eye view of your accounts to help you identify which ones require attention.

Strategy Consultancy

If you hadn’t heard that we’re industry leaders, we have a whole section of our site dedicated to spreading the word. Our position at the head of the pack makes us best placed to provide ongoing strategy consultancy to in-house teams. Not only do we publish open-source Google Ads scripts, world-leading best-practice guides, and industry white papers, we also have a team dedicated to supercharging strategy. This includes, but by no means is limited to: supporting clients to plan their digital media for the next quarter, six months, or year; challenging our clients’ approach to attribution, testing, and optimization; refining best practice and channel mixes; and leveraging relationships with all the major platforms. All in all, however regularly required, we work with our clients to align paid media execution with business ambitions to bring about unprecedented performance.

Interim Management

Brainlabs account management experts are on-hand to manage accounts when an in-house team is in need — with no strings attached. It’s pretty self-explanatory: we manage the accounts that the in-house team can’t, taking on best practice, testing plans, bids, and budgets. When the team is ready,  we hand the accounts back over as if nothing ever happened. Taken alongside strategy consultancy we can even work together to implement refined best practice and achieve performance uplift.