Brainlabs Returners Scheme

Looking to restart your career after a break? Superb!
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We're a digital marketing agency who get a kick out of using data and automation to make revolutionary improvements to businesses. Since 2012, Brainlabs has gone from success to success with plenty of awards to show for it. We were declared the best large PPC agency in Europe. We've also been voted Sunday Times' Top 100 Small Companies to work for (winning a special award for wellbeing). We work with some fantastic clients, including UNICEF, JustGiving, Expedia and Deliveroo. Our home is the vibrant hub of Old Street, and each Brainlabber's role is complete with many incredible perks. It's hard to get tired of free breakfasts, lunches, exercise classes, socials, gym subsidies, travel ticket loans, eye tests—the list goes on!

So, why is our returners scheme so great?

Here at Brainlabs we value diverse perspectives and experiences. That’s why we’re committed to providing the best step-up to re-entering the workforce after a career break. We have a range of returners roles on offer - whether you’re a Tech whizz or a boss at New Business, you’ll be sure to make use of valuable previous experience whilst learning a heck of a lot of new skills to match. Within all of our returner roles you’ll receive 2 months of world-class role-specific training and mentoring support, alongside those joining our grad schemes, and benefit from the breadth and depth of knowledge that we impart through our innovative (but tried and tested) methods. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be treated like a beginner, we value your experience and understanding of the working world and, in conjunction with the lecture-based training, you’ll be thrown straight in the deep end and quickly get stuck in with your department’s work. Not only will you be able to sharpen your skills and learn new talents along the way, but you’ll also provide new expertise through mentoring some of our newest recruits. So, whether you’re eager to update your skills and knowledge from your previous sector or transition to a new one, Brainlabs will provide you with the best environment to ensure your continuous development and growth.

Is Brainlabs right for you?

Let’s see what perks we have up our sleeve.

  • Flexible hours and working from home
  • Free breakfast
  • Free lunch
  • Gym subsidies
  • Free exercise classes
  • Free eye tests
  • The Brainlabs Library
  • Annual rail ticket loan
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • External speakers and events … The list goes on!

If our ever growing list doesn’t make it clear enough already, we’re keen to cultivate an environment where everyone’s excited to come into work. Take a peek at our handbook if you want to learn more about how we tick.

So now that you’re sold on how we work let’s see how you can get involved!

Based on your skills, interests and prior work experience we’ll be sure to find your perfect fit. We have the following schemes ready to roll:

Your role will encompass all aspects of your client’s accounts. From building bespoke campaigns from scratch, to analysing their performance and communicating their success to your clients. On the data side, this will involve constant testing and optimisation to ensure your accounts are smashing it, all aided by the custom-built in-house tools created by our remarkable tech department. On the client side, you need to be on the ball with organising your time around their needs, and your communication skills will need to be tip-top in order to explain some pretty complicated stuff to people who aren’t necessarily specialists. You’ll be in constant contact, explaining what incredible work you’re doing on the phone, over email and through presentations.

What you need: Excel expertise (although we can help with that) and a knack for dealing with people. The role will be split between client facing, campaign building and testing so if you’ve got smashing skills in those areas get involved!

PS – so you don’t have a hugely mathematical background? Don’t be put off! Our excel training is top notch.

Software Developers spend their days building innovative and exciting tools that make the world of digital marketing a much more exciting place. We have a long standing motto here: if you’re repeating processes, automate it. The projects you work on will therefore be wide-ranging and interact with the entirety of how Brainlabs functions. NB: most of our terrific tools will be created using Javascript, PHP and Python.

What you need: Proactive programming mastery (we like the kind of people who are doing their own projects at home) and problem solving prowess.