Brainlabs Grad Scheme

So, you’re interested in the Brainlabs grad scheme?
Fantastic! Here’s the deal.

We're a digital marketing agency who get a kick out of using data and automation to make revolutionary improvements to businesses. Since 2012, Brainlabs has gone from success to success with plenty of awards to show for it. We were declared the best large PPC agency in Europe. We've also been voted Sunday Times' Top 100 Small Companies to work for (winning a special award for wellbeing). We work with some fantastic clients, including UNICEF, JustGiving, Expedia and Deliveroo. Our home is the vibrant hub of Old Street, and each Brainlabber's role is complete with many incredible perks. It's hard to get tired of free breakfasts, lunches, exercise classes, socials, gym subsidies, travel ticket loans, eye tests—the list goes on!

N.B. We have paused applications for our Graduate Scheme due to overwhelming popularity. Watch this space for when they reopen in Winter 2019.

So, we’re famed for being a pretty great place to work and our grad scheme definitely lives up to that hype. We’ve run several grad schemes in our time and we’ve learnt some golden rules along the way:

  1. Why not throw grads into the deep end? Alongside the fantastic support network we provide, there’s nothing wrong with a challenge!
  2. Culture fit is key. It’s not only important to find someone who will rock the roles we have on offer but in order to thrive at Brainlabs aligning with our values is also hugely important. So if you’re positive, collaborative, love to learn and have a thing for processes… then keep reading!
  3. If the perks don’t make it clear enough already, we’re keen to cultivate an environment where everyone’s excited to come into work. Take a peek at our handbook if you want to learn more about how we roll.

Okay, now onto the serious stuff. We aren’t one of those grad schemes where you’ll faff around for 2 years dipping your toes into every role under the sun. Here at Brainlabs you’re streamed from Day 1, so you don’t rotate around departments, and instead get stuck into the role you’re passionate about straight away. However, irrelevant to the stream you’re keen for, all grads will receive two months worth of world class training to get you set. The first two weeks will be much more Brainlabs general, including an introduction to each department to learn how we all work together and some all important team bonding. Beyond the first two weeks, the training will become much more role specific. So, via lectures, ‘homeworks’ and being thrown in the deep end with your work mentor we’ll make sure you’re on track to be a boss at the permanent role that follows.

So now that you’re sold on how we work, head back to this site in Winter 2019 when our applications reopen!