For all the performance marketing superheroes out there! We share here our best practice for PPC, programmatic and paid social.

Programmatic is an amazing tool for branding. Here’s how to use it.

Programmatic is not just for conversions; it’s also a valuable part of your branding strategy. Historically, brand awareness strategies have been above-the-line advertising activities: TV, radio, print. These have a wide reach and so are great for upper-funnel marketing strategies. Thanks to its highly effective targeting possibilities, programmatic advertising has fallen...

Advertisers re-evaluate Facebook

Create interactive content, use Facebook Live, Messenger, Stories, Groups, and, wherever possible, find ways of supporting Watch. These are the parts of their platform Facebook are clearly trying to develop, so you can be sure their algorithm will reward you for boosting them.

Why you should be using programmatic native ads

Contributor Grace Kaye extols the benefits of programmatic native advertising and walks you through how to deploy a successful campaign. Native ads have so much potential that I don’t believe is being explored enough today. True, they may not seem all that interesting if you only focus on your bottom...