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The Anatomy of In-housing


The recent wave of in-housing is the inevitable consequence of an outdated media trading business model. Why shouldn’t advertisers expect transparency, control, and mutual trust?

With the rise of digital, the advertising industry has changed overnight. The role of agencies has changed. And in the realm of biddable media, it’s a very simple formula:

A flexible service offering + agencies doing […]

The Battle For The Future of Media


Naming things isn’t easy in this industry, from what you call yourself as a company to the way you describe your services. Brainlabs currently calls itself a ‘performance marketing agency’; not too long ago it was a ‘PPC agency’, and before that it was once an ‘innovator in paid media’.  

Still, at least we’ll never be called a ‘cagency’. For […]

Businesses need to adapt to automation before it’s too late. Here’s how.


I often get asked why we took on a robot receptionist. Doesn’t that scare our human employees? Am I trying to induce the robocalypse?

The main thing to remember about increased automation is that it’s synonymous with increased productivity. In other words, business growth. Which leads to more employment, by the way. This has been true for Brainlabs, and it has […]