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Performance marketing cuts across a whole load of important things –  data privacy, the role of AI, the future of business. And, seeing as we want to create the best place in the world to work, we have plenty of tips for other businesses about how to do that.

Avoid a staff gaffe: Take on top talent the easy way

Daniel Gilbert, founder of Brainlabs, agrees that “the best people usually know the best people for the job… we find a lot of our staff through internal referral”. Clearly though, it’s almost impossible to source staff based on recommendation alone, and both businesses have a careers page on their website, where anyone can apply. […]

How to end the UK’s gender pay gap

Marketing agency Brainlabs analysed pay across its 40 or so staff and found a difference of 8.6% between average men’s and women’s salaries. So it raised women’s salaries by an average of 8.6%.

Managers consulted with all the staff first and gave them three options: do nothing; raise women’s salaries by an average 8.6%; or, give male employees a pay cut. […]