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Performance marketing cuts across a whole load of important things –  data privacy, the role of AI, the future of business. And, seeing as we want to create the best place in the world to work, we have plenty of tips for other businesses about how to do that.

Robot receptionist in the Mirror

The first ever robot receptionist clocked on for its shift at a London office today.

Pepper – named after Gwyneth Paltrow’s Iron Man character – has a screen in its chest and can identify emotions and adapt its responses.

Pictured at the Shoreditch offices of media agency Brainlabs, Pepper will greet guests on entry with personalised gestures and perform basic tasks in the workplace […]

Moving offices: How to get it right

Phones, desks, chairs, kettles, biscuit tins – packing up and moving an office is exhausting, time-consuming and often costly.

Even when the office manager (or whichever team member is managing the move at the time) has ensured that goods make it from A to B successfully, the trouble doesn’t always end there. Dan was on-hand for The Telegraph to lend some insights […]

How Labour won general election’s social media clash with positive adverts

Dan spoke to both The Times and The Independent to give his thoughts on the various parties’ attempts at online advertising during the election, discussing the importance of ad relevance in an online battle for votes. Thankfully, he didn’t crack any jokes and managed to come out with something that actually sounded quite credible:
“Essentially, Labour got more for less from their Facebook […]

Brainlabs is fastest growing UK company in Financial Times ranking

The list ranks companies by their revenue growth over a three-year period, from 2012 to 2015. During that time, Brainlabs grew its income by 8,218%, or 83 times, to €13.6m (£11.6m).

This growth rate places it behind only three other companies. Topping the list is Hello Fresh, the Berlin-based recipe kit delivery business, which grew revenues 13,159% to €304,952m. […]

Google will help users block annoying ads (except its own)

Daniel Gilbert, chief executive of Brainlabs, a marketing agency, said: “This is a clear move by Google to wipe out the ad-blockers because they pose a threat to Google. If Google can tidy up the ad ecosystem in Chrome, then they are hoping that users won’t feel the need to install an additional blocker, let alone pay for a service.

“If […]

Yes, you can eradicate the gender pay gap … and here’s how

Marketing has evolved over the last decade towards a far more data-driven approach, so it seemed like a natural fit for a mathematician, and Brainlabs shared my love for tech innovation, as well as some personal principles about workplace culture. Working here gave me the chance to really push my mathematical creativity, whilst also being influential on the growth of […]