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We have a lot to say about the marketing industry, from the role of automation to the importance of PPC to changes within programmatic. Our mission is to change the future of advertising, which we partly achieve by sharing our vision for how that future should be.

Ignore the hype: There are no AI-driven media agencies

Artificial intelligence is certainly changing the world, and even changing marketing, but it’s not really affecting media agencies — despite all the hype.

It has become commonplace for a media agency to boast that it’s “AI-driven,” when in practice this is hardly the case. Nor should it be: AI, as far as it has come, is still at least decades away from reaching […]

Get ready for programmatic TV advertising

One day, in the not too distant future, all TV ads will be bought programmatically. Linear TV ad inventory will be available on the open exchange, targeted to the individual, and highly measurable in its performance. This would be truly programmatic TV, and it can’t come soon enough. […]

Brainlabs relocate headquarters to Old Street

Media agency Brainlabs is relocating to new offices across London to accommodate its rapidly expanding team, after being named by the Financial Times as the fastest growing company in the UK, and fourth fastest in Europe.

Brainlabs, the highest-ranking agency in this year’s Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work For, will vacate existing headquarters in King’s Cross and head […]

Here’s where your programmatic spend should be going

Ebiquity recently warned CMOs that “60% of programmatic spend is wasted” due to ad fraud, viewability issues, and an “ever more complex” supply chain.

This article is not supposed to challenge his claim – if anything 60% might be a slight underestimate because most agencies are marking up the media before it even gets to fees. I just want to point […]

Automation won’t steal your job, unless you resist it

In 162 Future Jobs: Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Yet Exist, Thomas Frey shares a list of possible roles that will be created in the near future.

As VR becomes more prevalent, for example, we’ll probably need “avatar relationship managers” – people who help to resolve conflicts between our digital incarnations, or the rise of 3D printing may lead to the […]

Digital Transformation: A Cost, or an Unprecedented Opportunity?

What’s the real cost of digital transformation? Should we all learn to code? How do we take people out of silos and put data and technologists into our teams? The latest in our Club 2017 Transformation evenings saw our CEO Suki Thompson lead debate on these questions and much more, with Ford Ennals, CEO, Digital Radio; Tete Soto, Director Customer […]

Thought Leader Interview Sophie Newton, Co-Founder Brainlabs

Cloud Moves TV travelled to Here East for another Tech London Advocates Women in Tech event. This time the focus was on shattering uniformity and embracing change. We spoke to some of the most inspiring individuals within this sector to discover how to encourage diversity in tech.

Sophie Newton is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at BrainLabs. She also won […]