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Bid To Position In “Real Time” With This Open-Sourced AdWords Script

Back in 2011, Search Engine Land’s Pamela Parker brought us the news that Google had shut down Position Preference for AdWords Bidding. There was a logical justification for this, and many PPC experts since have correctly argued that bidding to position is probably not the best strategy for most advertisers. […]

24/7 Bidding: Going Mobile With 100% More Shopping!

Customer behavior changes at different times of day. AdWords ad scheduling, with only six unique bidding windows per day, doesn’t come close to the granularity we need to make our AdWords accounts shine. Most third-party bidding tools only allow two or three bid changes a day.

In response to this, I shared an AdWords script built by the team at Brainlabs […]

How Fast Does Your AdWords Data Update? Find Out

Ever wondered how up-to-date your AdWords data is?

Back in the old days, it could take up to a day for AdWords data to update. These days, there is a warning in the interface that says “Clicks and impressions received in the last three hours may not be included.” However, we’ve noticed that data is usually updated more regularly than that. […]

Here’s An AdWords Script To Mine Your Search Query Reports

Paid search revolves around the search query. Most of the time, we think about keywords, as we have direct control over them. But the search query is what the searcher actually wants to find — and this can be different than what you had in mind (especially if broad match or ambiguous words are in play). […]

How To Track Your AdWords Competitors Over Time Using Auction Insights

It’s good to know what the competition is doing. While you control your bids, it’s your competitors who determine what you actually need to pay and where your ad will be positioned.

There are third-party tools that provide some competitor information, but their data on average position, impression share, outranking share, etc., will never be as accurate as the actual AdWords […]