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Here’s an AdWords script to fill empty ad groups

As you’ve probably noticed, Christmas is coming. It’s a busy time of year for many of us. But busy means both that it’s easy to make mistakes and that it’s important not to let them slide.

That’s why it’s important to automate what you can: when it gets busy, mistakes can be caught — and even corrected — without taking up […]

The state of PPC conferences in Europe

I was impressed by the opening keynote by Sophie Newton (Brainlab), who gave interesting insight of what Google potentially could offer to advertisers in the future. The extreme synthesis is: automation, automation and automation… Automation in ad copywriting using word vectors, automation in bids optimization with genetic algorithms and automation in images recognition for better display effectiveness with neural networks […]

Here’s a script that copies AdWords extensions to all your campaigns

You might not usually think of shared negative lists and campaign extensions together, because their uses are so different: lists are used for targeting, while extensions spruce up your ads.

But if you look at them with AdWords Scripts, they’re actually pretty similar — they’re both objects that exists on their own and then get attached to campaigns. And, for both […]

2016 is finally the “year of the video”

It’s official: Video has taken over the internet. It is everywhere, and I mean everywhere; video content is cropping up in our social accounts, news articles, even our emails.

For us marketers, it’s a dream come true. Videos provide us with so much more opportunity to engage with our consumers than standard display ads, and marketing teams are jumping on board […]

Here’s an AdWords script to apply shared campaign negative lists everywhere

Do you use shared campaign negative lists? Shared lists are really useful for making sure all of your campaigns are excluding the same terms. Constantly mining search query reports means constantly finding new negatives, after all.

There are also shared lists for campaign placement exclusions, so you can make sure things like and random YouTube videos are excluded from all […]

Rotating ad copy: What traffic are you missing out on?

Ad testing is massively important.

But you knew that already. You’ve set up all your ad groups with multiple ad copy variants.

But the thing is, you don’t want to test for its own sake. You can’t just write a bunch of ads and leave them. At some point, you have to make decisions — keep the winners and lose the losers. […]