Google Ads Scripts

Below you’ll find a collection of free Google Ads Scripts for your enjoyment. If you’re an advertiser looking for help with automation or custom scripting then get in touch with us to see if we can help.

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Here’s a Brainlabs script to regain control of your AdWords budgets

In case you hadn’t already heard, AdWords can now spend up to double your campaign’s daily budget.

We’ve already had time to let all our emotions out about this, so no need to manifest them in the public arena. Instead, as always, let’s see if we can’t API our way out of this mess.

The main reason why this change […]

Decisions, Decisions – An Advanced A/B Testing Tool for your AdWords Accounts

Sometimes the testing tools built into AdWords aren’t enough. So we wrote a script that lets you test anything. You simply have two versions of your campaigns – the ‘Control’ and ‘Experiment’ – and the script alternately pauses and enables them every hour, so they get an even share of the traffic. The script then checks the performance to see if there’s […]

The 24 hour bidding schedule for AdWords

We’ve written an AdWords script to let you bid 24 times a day, 7 days a week
We often find that ROI and conversion rates are extremely variable at different times of the day and on different days of the week. However the standard Google Ad Scheduling only allows for six bidding windows in one day – not nearly enough if […]

Label Your Keywords With Organic Rank Data

Fill out a Google Docs spreadsheet with the organic positions of your site and a few competitors, and this script will label up any matching keywords in your account with those positions. This means it’s easy to analyse how SEO is affecting your PPC performance!

If you’ve not run a script before please read our Introduction to AdWords Scripts. For more open-source fun […]

AdWords Script: Real-Time Position Bidding

Update: As of September 2019, this script will no longer function due to an update to the Google Ads platform.

We love real-time bidding here at Brainlabs – and if you love something, set it free. So now we’re open-sourcing another AdWords Script!

This script changes the bids of labelled keywords, so they appear in target positions. It runs every hour, so it always […]

A real-time tracker of AdWords data

Sadly the real-time tracker is down at the moment while we upgrade our blog.

We seem to keep winning awards for our work on Real time bidding for Search – so thought we’d share a nice visual that we’ve been using. We’re polling the AdWords API repeatedly, so we can actually know how recent the data is from our accounts.

Currently we estimate that in the last […]

Tracking AdWords Competitors Over Time

We’ve got a handy little Google Apps script to help you make sense of your Auction Insights data. The Auctions Insight report isn’t available in AdWords Scripts, so we’ve had to do a bit of a work around – rather than put this script into AdWords, this goes into a Google Sheet.

If you’ve not run a script before please read our Introduction […]

Introduction to Google Ads Scripts

Using Google Ads scripts is essential to anyone looking to automate any of the more repetitive parts of account management.

Here at Brainlabs, we can’t get enough of scripts. We use them all the time, from something as simple as sending an hourly spend email to much more complex bid management systems that work across multiple accounts. They can be used […]

Sorry Google, we’ve written a script to reverse your ‘Close Variant Matching’

Google 0 – 1 Brainlabs
You may have heard that Google are removing exact match at the end of September. They’re telling us that it will give us “control with less complexity” which is really patronising for those sophisticated advertisers who have built systems and workflows around precise match types. It’s just a way of collecting more cash. People are going […]