Sophie’s Internship at Brainlabs

Sophie D, from Paris, is drawing towards her final week at Brainlabs after a four-month internship in the marketing department.
Four months is a looong time and there has been lots to discover, so here are the 10 things she’s learnt and done over her time here!
1. Being here is worthwhile
Unlike many of my previous internships, I feel useful, part of […]

The Brainlabs Summer Fete

The inaugural Brainlabs Summer Fete was an event for the Brainlabs history books. From uncertain and tempestuous beginnings, quite literally in the form of a massive cloudburst, was born an unforgettable and, importantly, sun-blessed party. Clients, Brainboxes, and friends enjoyed a plethora of activities including a bouncy castle, sumo suits, musical and magical entertainment, all alongside some fairly questionable facepaint. […]

Brainlabs Football Kicks Off

“It’s Anthony Collias….Oh my goodness, that must be a foul from Olivia Symington! That’s an utter disgrace! No – they play on! Collias won’t be walking again any time soon…It falls to Bernstein-Newman, he bulldozes past a hapless Barber who tumbles to the ground in tears, he slips it into Teeney who slide-tackles it over to Gyi, evading Akhurst’s shiny […]

Five Questions for Liz: Finance Hero

1. Describe your typical day?
I always start my day of with a latte and a slice of Vegemite (Marmite’s superior cousin) toast or an egg on toast. I then check my emails and get started on a number of tasks – my job is never the same, one moment I’ll be doing invoicing and the next I could be ordering […]

Five Questions for Alice: Our Talent Managing Superstar

1. How do you start your day?

In the glory days I would try to make myself breakfast (egg and bagel) and a coffee straight away when I arrive to get my day started right.  I, however, gave up coffee for New Years, and this is my first day of veganism for Lent so now I just have watery porridge – […]