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Case Study | Shopping script

Always Riding

Shopping script : 

increases ROAS by


The brief

Always Riding is a relatively small e-commerce website, providing a specialist selection of products for a specialist audience. They had a limited budget, and needed to maximise Google Shopping because traffic was growing Y-o-Y. However, they advertise in excess of 2000 products, each of which differ widely in price, stock, and profit margin. This was made further complicated by the fact that they couldn’t target particular keywords which delivered a positive ROI because Google Shopping only allows bids at product level.

The solution

We entirely restructured the account in order to set specific bids for each product. We split the shopping campaign into branded and generic campaigns. We took this a step further and split the shopping feed out by brand and then by individual product. We were then able to bid more aggressively on higher value products and lines that converted. By the same token, we were able to bid accordingly on lower value products.

Then came the real innovation. To overcome the fact that Google Shopping only allows bids at product level, for each ad group (each product) we created a list of terms on which we wanted to bid. To stop us bidding on irrelevant keywords that would trigger our product ads, using AdWords Scripts we ran hourly Search Term Reports on our Shopping campaigns and cross-referenced these terms against each product keyword list. If the script found search terms which were not in the product keyword list, then the terms would be added as negatives.

The result

We achieved staggering Y-o-Y results:

  • Conversions increased by 112%
  • ROAS increased by 61%
  • CPA lowered by 27%
  • Revenue increased by 148%