Brainlabs is coming to the USA!

Brainlabs is coming to the USA!


Harry Potter… David Beckham… One Direction…

Britain certainly has some exports to be proud of.

But we’re about to go one step further…

We’re bringing you Brainlabs.

So why are we making the leap across the Atlantic?


1. Innovation is innovation

We are known for being the innovators of paid media in Europe. And it turns out that the unique work and approaches to challenges that are innovative here are also innovative in the US. Europe is home to some of the most sophisticated web businesses in the world and we are lucky enough to have worked with some of them – forcing us to be top of our game. We hope that the crown of Best Large Agency in Europe would mean that we have at least something to offer our American counterparts.


2. We’re built for scale

All of our systems, processes, methodologies and technologies are built for scale. We don’t work on small accounts because you can do much without large data sets (our bread and butter). Brainlabs Tech is built specifically to tackle the automation challenges of the largest accounts in the world – many of which are in the US. We are going to work with some of the most sophisticated in-house teams to make them even more sophisticated.


3. We’ve got fans over there

We already have a significant following in the US based on our global content marketing activity. 31% of our website traffic comes from the US – and we don’t have any staff or clients there yet. We don’t even have competitors who spend their lives snooping around our website (we know who you are…).


4. Current demand

As an agency with significant capability and reach within Europe we are finding that more and more of our current clients are demanding global reach. We see the US as the first step in our journey to taking over the world. Based on our research we believe that a footprint in the US will also help us partner with US clients looking to expand or improve their offering in Europe.





If you are, or know of, any potential clients, please get in touch!

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